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The dollar in Colombia is close to dropping below $3,900

On today’s session, the US dollar is trading at an average of 3,922.78 Colombian pesos, representing a change of 0.06% compared to the 3,925.07 pesos from the previous session.

The small movement of the currency occurred after the international markets behaved relatively calmly.

Compared to last week, the US dollar has increased by 0.1%; nevertheless, over the past year, it has still experienced a decrease of 15.63%.

The recent volatility stands at 7.3%, significantly lower than the annual volatility figure of 15.63%, suggesting reduced variability compared to usual lately.

However, the Central Bank of Colombia expects that by the end of 2024, the exchange rate will average 4,081 pesos per dollar.

This forecast is encouraging, far from the peaks that the Colombian currency experienced between late 2022 and early 2023.

Like other currencies in the region, such as the Brazilian real or the…

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