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‘YOLO Spenders’ Have Created a Huge Credit Bubble in the US Economy

Angle down icon An icon in the shape of an angle pointing down. YOLO spenders have taken on a massive amount of debt recently. Getty Images

  • The US has a “super-duper” credit bubble on its hands as “YOLO spenders” take on massive debt, David Rosenberg said.
  • US household savings are quite low at 3.7%, while consumer spending bulged by $208 billion last quarter, financed with debt.
  • “As far as consumer credit is concerned, the default cycle isn’t merely looming. It’s arrived.”

Today’s consumers — or rather, “YOLO spenders” — have taken on a massive amount of debt, top economist David Rosenberg said. And it’s created a big bubble in a pocket of the US economy.

“There is no acknowledgment today that, yet again, we have a super-duper credit bubble on our hands,” he wrote in a note on Thursday. “It isn’t just about fiscal recklessness at the government level; the…

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