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Post Office scandal: £10k payout ‘cruel’, says bankrupt victim

  • By Emma Simpson
  • Business correspondent, BBC News

6 hours ago

Tony Downey can feel his heart racing a little as he walks up the main street in Hawkshead, a pretty village in the Lake District. It’s the first time he’s been back since he fled abroad after losing his livelihood and health from the Horizon Post Office scandal.

“We didn’t even say goodbye, we were too embarrassed. We just ran,” he says.

He went bankrupt two months after selling his post office and shop when he could no longer cover the shortfalls in his accounts.

But he’s only ended up with £10,000 in compensation so far – way less than what he has lost.

“It’s an insult, it’s cruel… I should still be [in the post office]. I have no career, no money, no pension, no nothing. They took that all away from me.”

Now, Tony’s battle for financial redress is being seen as a test case by his legal team dealing with most of the…

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