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Comment: If we are to build a better tomorrow, we need to invest in the foundations today

November 16 – Recent events, including the conflict in the Middle East, are stark reminders that we continue to live in uncertain and volatile times. Today, all of us feel the impact of the unfolding crises on multiple fronts; from geopolitical tensions to macroeconomic headwinds and climate disasters. No one is an island. In this context, the concept of global citizenship has taken on greater importance. What does global citizenship mean for investors that deploy capital across different geographies and communities? How can we invest to earn a good return, while contributing to building the foundations of a better tomorrow? As chief executive of GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, I can tell you the answer is surprisingly straightforward: the deployment of long-term capital and the embrace of global partnership, both of which are essential to our world, yet in short supply.

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