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How the economic fortunes of ‘Partition’s children’ diverged – Newspaper

KARACHI: Most people don’t even read as many books in their entire lives as Dr Ishrat Husain has written in his.

The latest book by the former central bank governor is Development Pathways that he co-authored with Sarah Nizamani, Shagufta Shabbar and Masood Siddiqui. The 478-page tome presents a comparative analysis of economic and social development in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from 1947 to 2022.

A crude verdict might be that India and Bangladesh have done well for themselves while Pakistan holds the dubious honour of being the slowest-growing economy in the South Asia region. But Dr Husain wouldn’t write a book if the economic journey of the three biggest nations in the region was so linear.

Speaking to Al Meezan Investment Management Ltd CEO Mohammad Shoaib at the Future Summit held in the outgoing week, Dr Husain said the pathways of the three countries that…

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