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Year of the Dragon: China faces critical moment in push to revive economy | Business and Economy

China last year narrowly beat its economic growth target of 5 percent, one of its lowest benchmarks in decades. Looking ahead, analysts expect the economy to face stiff headwinds in the Year of the Dragon.

Against the backdrop of a crisis-stricken property market, subdued export earnings and crackdowns on private industry, international investors are pulling out of Chinese stocks at record rates.

With business sentiment faltering, economists broadly agree that Beijing needs to roll out measures to stimulate greater domestic consumption.

But while some analysts are calling for radical measures to jolt China’s economy, expectations are subdued due to Beijing’s long-held aversion to large-scale social spending.

Some analysts also see grounds for optimism, looking beyond the current difficulties.

China is experiencing its longest deflationary run since the 2008 Global Financial…

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