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Why Biden ‘success’ leaves America cold


Dec. 15, 2023, 7:41 p.m. ET

Official figures show the economy grew at 5.2% in this year’s third quarter, but voter pessimism is high.
AFP via Getty Images

Something doesn’t add up about the Biden economy.

Official figures show it grew at 5.2% in this year’s third quarter, the highest growth rate the US economy has seen in nearly two decades.

Yet the voters are deep in pessimism, with two-thirds rating the economy as “poor” or “not good,” and the same number saying that it’s gotten worse in the past two years.

This aligns with Gallup polls showing economic confidence lower than it’s been since early 2008 when the country was facing down the Great Recession.

We’d be wrong to dismiss this consistent pessimism just because the official GDP numbers…

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