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Was the World Series an economic home run for Arlington? Or just a base hit?

The Rangers win the World Series. After 52 years and more than a few heartbreaks and missteps, it’s little wonder Arlington and North Texas are popping the corks and celebrating the victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

But how long will cash registers be ringing because of the World Series win? Will all those promises of an economic boon due to the presence of a Major League Baseball team come to fruition? 

Don’t count on it being a home run, said William Crowder, chair of the economics department at the University of Texas at Arlington. 

“I always get that question and I hate to disappoint people, but really it’s not much of an impact,” he said. 

A lot of studies have been done over the past two decades on major league sports and their economic impact for cities, Crowder said. That impact is not as substantial as many believe. 

“The long and…

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