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UTM students discuss finance with Jackson’s Rotary Club

JACKSON, Tenn. – University of Tennessee at Martin finance students had the opportunity to present their hard work to the Rotary Club Wednesday afternoon.

UT Martin is one of the first schools that have benefited from the Tennessee Valley Authority Investments Challenge program. 

“TVA funds this program with money out of their retirement trust. They fund the investing. So all the purchases we make, all that comes from the fund that the TVA gives us. TVA also sends us to two conferences a year where they get to check in with the students, touch base with them, and then also kind of introduce them to professionals in the field,” said Brittany Cole, Assistant Professor in Finance at UT Martin.

These conferences allow them to have opportunities to network and learn from real-life scenarios.

Some of these conferences are in the state and others are across the nation. 

“We went…

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