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US Dollar’s share in central-bank reserves has declined, as per IMF data

The US dollar’s share in global central-bank reserves dropped in the three months to the end of September, while holdings of the Japanese yen rose, International Monetary Fund data showed Friday.

The greenback accounted for 59.2% of globally allocated foreign-exchange reserves in the third quarter, down from a revised 59.4% in the previous three months, according to IMF’s Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER) data. That’s the lowest since the fourth quarter of last year.

Share of the Euro share in reserves also fell slightly to 19.6% from 19.7%, while the participation of the Japanese yen rose to 5.5% from 5.3%.

The shares of the Chinese yuan, the British pound, the Australian and Canadian dollars and the Swiss franc were little changed. A group of “other currencies” grew to 3.9% of reserves from 3.6% in the previous quarter.

While the US dollar has…

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