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Treasure Valley tire shop business spikes over snowfall

BOISE, Idaho — The staff at Big O Tires at the two Boise locations are serving an unusually high number of customers, according to owner Chris Brooks.

Continuous snowfall and unpredictable driving conditions are driving up tire sales along with the labor for tire changes. A worker in the shop told KTVB he has worked three straight 10-hour days to meet the demand for service that’s roughly doubled.

“We’re buying all of them lunch today, for sure,” Big O Manager Nate Kennedy said. “We were getting ready to close last night and a customer came in slipping and sliding. We had the tires in stock, and these guys were more than happy to stay here past close. We got them done.”

Big O Tires offers customers multiple options based on their needs. Despite high demand, the business is confidently stocked on all its tire options. That includes all-season and snow-specific tires at both…

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