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This Week in Jacksonville: Business Edition

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Downtown development in the sports district doesn’t just mean the football team. Jacksonville’s longest tenured professional sports franchise is the Jumbo Shrimp. Triple-A baseball leads the way this month with the announcement of stadium upgrades at 121 Financial Ballpark.

“We made a big bet on a on a community that we were really excited about and proud to be here,” Ken Babby, the Jumbo Shrimp owner, said. “Everything that’s happened, everything after that — it’s been a fairy tale.”

Ken Babby invited us to sit on the third base side of the ballpark for an interview about stadium improvements. We also discussed the way the team contributes to the local economy, and how growth and development in downtown can take a cue from what the franchise announced recently: a $31.8 million publicly financed renovation of the stadium.

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