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The Uncertain Journey Towards ‘Normalization’

The Road to ‘Normalization’: Navigating the Uncertain Future of the U.S. Economy

The road to ‘normalization’ in the United States, in the wake of the pandemic, is laden with uncertainties and speculations. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has shed light on normalizing supply conditions and the labor market, mirroring the anticipation of home builders for a return to normal interest rates and market conditions. Yet, the destination of this journey towards a pre-pandemic ‘normal’ is shrouded in ambiguity.

Reverting to Pre-1980s or a Boom Like the 1990s?

One school of thought suggests a possible return to a pre-1980s economic environment, characterized by geopolitical conflict, supply shocks, and higher inflation. This theory has gained traction amidst events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and tensions in the Taiwan Strait. High-profile figures such as Ken…

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