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The Latest News, Headlines, and Business Stories for December 11

The McDonald’s sign. Associated Press

Welcome back! Love can be found in many places… including outside the window of your high-rise apartment. 

In today’s big story, we’re looking at some of the recent big changes at McDonald’s, including the launch of a new restaurant concept. 

What’s on deck: 

But first, I’m lovin’ it.

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The big story

Golden launch

The exterior of a CosMc’s restaurant and what is presumed to be the restaurant’s menu board Joe Ciolli (main image), Iman Jalali (menu)

The most recognizable name in fast food is switching things up.

McDonald’s is rolling out a new restaurant concept focused on cold, customizable beverages that’s looking to compete with Starbucks. 

CosMc’s — a homage to an obscure McDonaldland character from the late 80s — opened its inaugural location in a Chicago suburb, Business…

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