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The Entrepreneurs Tapping Into An Evolving Maker Economy

Directors at “open access factory” BloqsBloqs

These days, we don’t hear quite so much about the “maker economy.” At a time when the word startup is indelibly associated with software in general and new hot categories such as deep tech and AI in particular, the work of twenty-century artisans rarely grabs headlines.

And yet, the maker economy is thriving. From arts and crafts products sold on Etsy through to inventors and using crowdfunding platforms to connect with potential buyers, makers play an important role in today’s economy as designers, manufacturers, employers and taxpayers.

And as the tech sector evolves, the ability to produce prototypes and small runs of physical objects may also play an increasing role in the development of technologies that combine software with physical equipment.

The question is, of course, where does all this work actually get done?…

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