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Tacoma business owner describes burglary ‘like a scene out of a movie’ after thieves steal thousands – KIRO 7 News Seattle

TACOMA, Wash. — A Tacoma business was burglarized on Christmas, with thieves filling up two vehicles with about $50K worth the silver bars and coins.

It happened at the Tacoma location for Bellevue Rare Coins. The business didn’t learn they’d been cleared out until the day after Christmas.

The suspect used a Hollywood-style tactic to get in.

“I think that was the goal was to make it look like a malfunction,” said Hoolahan. “It’s very strange, they understood quite a few things here.”

Bellevue Rare Coins’ owner, Eric Hoolahan said the burglars broke into the vacant building next door. They used a sledgehammer to break through the cinderblock and a saw to cut through the drywall to get into Hoolahan’s business. He said he thinks the burglars knew the room’s layout because they put something on a pole to block a motion sensor in that room. It tripped an alarm, but they…

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