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Spot Bitcoin ETF: SEC Posts Scoffing Remarks

The spot Bitcoin ETF approval has been the talk of the market and in the middle of the speculations, the SEC has given a scoffing statement about people jumping on the bandwagon of digital assets. The regulatory authority took to planform X and published a detailed report on Saturday warning investors to say no to “FOMO” of “digital assets”.

SEC warns against digital asset FOMO amid spot Bitcoin ETF approval

With the likelihood of approvals increasing, a lot of cryptocurrency investors are looking forward to the licensing of spot Bitcoin ETFs. However, in a twist of events, the SEC has tried to clear its slate on how it perceives the world of cryptocurrencies by publishing a rather jeering report.

The report saw the SEC telling investors to stay away from the FOMO of virtual currencies.  It also talked about how digital assets can be “overwhelming” and…

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