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SEC holding ‘rare joint conference call’ with spot Bitcoin ETF applicants: Reports

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is rumored to be speaking with multiple spot Bitcoin ETF applicants at once according to a Dec. 21 report.

FOX Business correspondent Charles Gasparino wrote on X:

“SCOOP: [The SEC] is having what’s described as a rare joint conference call with prospective “spot” [Bitcoin] ETF filers, as its closely watched decision looms on whether to give these [companies] the green light to sell to small investors access to crypto.”

Eleanor Terret, also a FOX correspondent, said that the call involved ensuring that applicants are committed to a cash creation model. Terret added that the SEC told applicants to “remove all hints of in-kind redemptions from their filings.”

An in-kind model would allow for certain Bitcoin transactions among ETF industry participants. Recent updates to BlackRock’s filing have already replaced mentions of…

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