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Millennials Having Fewer Kids Could Weigh on the Economy for a Decade

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  • America’s shrinking birthrate is a problem.
  • Millennials not having enough babies could crimp growth by 1-2 percentage points a year.
  • At the current trajectory, that’s set to weigh on the economy for the next decade or more.

Millennials aren’t having as many kids as previous generations, and that fact could end up dragging down economic growth for more than a decade.

That may not faze some child-free millennials, who are using the money that would have been spent on childcare to splurge on lavish vacations, flashy boats, and other luxuries popular among DINKs — couples who live on double-income, with no kids.

But that kind of spending won’t be enough to offset the drag of a shrinking population on the economy over the long run, especially considering that the US birthrate has…

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