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Make investing simpler and easier in 2024

Many people enjoy investing, citing it as a rewarding hobby, but others find it a chore and a bore. And even if you’ve been a hobbyist investor for many years, life can throw curveballs in your way.

Investment is a long game during which our level of enthusiasm for money management can wax and wane. My attention to pensions and Isa investments slipped when I had small kids and we moved house five times in three years. I’m sure it won’t be the last time my focus shifts.

Over the festive period, I became part of the “sandwich generation”, supporting parents and children at the same time. In my case it was made more challenging because I live 200 miles away from mum and dad. I’m finding little time for financial admin, aside from pressing issues such as paying the tax bill by January 31.

Other later life transitions, such as a career change or poor health, could also mean…

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