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Interest in used EVs and hybrids is high as the iconic magazine unveils its new Marketplace

MotorTrend, the iconic 75-year-old car magazine, has been dipping its toes into online ventures and e-commerce recently. Next up: the used car business.

This week the auto publication — owned by Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) — launched the MotorTrend Marketplace, with over 1 million listings so far. Some 10% of the listings are actually for hybrids and EVs, whereas less than 1% of all vehicles on the road are electric. It turns out buyers still want them despite concerns like range anxiety and generally higher prices.

MotorTrend CEO Alex Wellen said search interest for EVs has spiked because prices have come down, as well as other improvements with the vehicles. “I think our top searches are for pure EVs, then it’s SUVs, and then it’s hybrids across all of our searches on“

Interestingly, the MotorTrend Marketplace has a number of older EVs and hybrids listed for…

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