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I lost $11,300 to identity fraud. What I learned: Usual safeguards don’t work.

“Looks like someone is trying to take more than $10,000 from us.”

That’s the message my husband typed to me on a Monday morning in October. By the time I wrote back, he was on the phone with our bank. The weekend before, someone walked into a bank branch, pretended to be one of us, and took thousands of dollars from our checking account.

We joined the tens of millions of Americans who each year are victims of identity fraud, where criminals steal a bank or credit card number and use the personal information to achieve illegal financial gain.

We were lucky in so many ways, most notably that our bank reimbursed our losses within 36 hours.

What we learned is this: The many steps we take to safeguard our personal data don’t always work.

(Photo: Getty Creative) (Juanmonino via Getty Images)

Experts suggest creating strong passwords with extra layers of authentication, changing them often, and…

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