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Growing Reshoring Trend Increases Industrials ETF Case

The U.S. stock market proved its resilience last year, chugging along steadily despite several fast-paced interest rate hikes. As 2024 has begun, the economy has continued to display signs of strength, with one important tailwind in reshoring supply chains. Reshoring U.S. manufacturing and infrastructure investment are together boosting industrial investing, which may call for investors to consider an industrials ETF.

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What exactly is reshoring? Following the global COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on supply chains and simmering geopolitical risks to those supply chains, many U.S. firms are adjusting supply chains to be more resilient and more profitable. Indeed, a recent survey of manufacturers by Medius found that some 69% of manufacturers have begun reshoring their supply chains.

Alongside the rapid ascent of generative…

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