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Fragile global economy at stake as U.S., China seek to cool tensions at APEC summit

WASHINGTON — The United States and China are the two global economic heavyweights. Combined, they produce more than 40% of the world’s goods and services.

So when Washington and Beijing do economic battle, as they have for five years running, the rest of the world suffers, too. And when they hold a rare high-level summit, as Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will this week, it can have global consequences.

The world’s economy could surely benefit from a U.S.-China détente. Since 2020, it has suffered one crisis after another — the COVID-19 pandemic, soaring inflation, surging interest rates, violent conflicts in Ukraine and now Gaza. The global economy is expected to grow a lackluster 3% this year and 2.9% in 2024, according to the International Monetary Fund.

“Having the world’s two largest economies at loggerheads at such a fraught moment,” said Eswar…

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