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Former teacher’s innovative business strategy for long term success

Utilising resources available around us has been a good start for a former high school teacher, Kelera Rayawa who has started her business selling fruits and citrus seedlings after completing the program of Academy for Women Entrepreneurs funded by the U.S Embassy to Fiji While speaking to fijivillage News, Kelera Rayawa says through this training, she has learnt when to plant, how much to plant and the quantity of seeds to be put in for germination.

Rayawa says the program has also enabled her to do costing for her business and keep track of profit and expenses.

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She says she has the habit of picking rotten tomatoes, guava, lemon and other fruits wherever she goes so that she can germinate them and earn more.

She is challenging women to come out of their comfort zones and use their potential to create a difference in their…

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