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Collin County nonprofit to help the county’s workforce reach economic stability

Caroline Sulek plays Mancala and watches the Mario Movie on TV with her husband and 7-year-old son on a Tuesday evening in December after a long day of work at a civil engineering firm. A Christmas tree adorned with homemade ornaments and rainbow lights illuminates the living room corner.

Several years ago, Sulek, 37, didn’t have her own living room, much less a Christmas tree or a stable job. Instead, she was couch surfing, working at Dunkin’ Donuts for about $10/hour and in a custody battle with the state over her son. Sulek had struggled with addiction before she got pregnant and still had drugs in her system when her son was born.

That’s when she showed up at Agape Resource & Assistance Center, based in East Plano with suitcases of clothes and baby supplies for Henry, her infant son.

Agape started 10 years ago with a clear vision to provide transitional housing and wraparound…

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