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China’s malevolence is a big reason the world’s so focused on bashing Israel

While the whole world is talking about Israel, let’s take a moment to talk about China.

Why? Well for starters, one of the reasons the whole world is talking about Israel, is that’s the way China wants it.

In the wake of Hamas’ barbaric anti-Jewish pogrom on Oct. 7, anti-Jewish hate has exploded exponentially on the Chinese-owned social-media platform TikTok.

This has reignited calls for banning the platform in the United States.

Opponents note — correctly — that antisemitism has exploded on other social media platforms, and TikTok itself insists that it is working hard to combat the spike in bigotry and death threats.

It’s going to have its work cut out because the Chinese state, which ultimately controls the platform, has been encouraging antisemitism and anti-Zionism for years now.

State-run media regularly claims that Jews control the world economy…

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