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Amazon Q: Business’s New Intelligent Assistant | by Shubham Vi | Dec, 2023

Amazon Q- Generative AI Business Expert

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled Amazon Q, a cutting-edge chat tool designed to transform the way businesses interact with their data. AWS CEO Adam Selipsky announced the tool during a keynote speech at the AWS re: Invent conference, marking a significant leap in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Unlike traditional methods of sifting through piles of documents, Amazon Q acts as an intelligent assistant that allows users to pose questions specific to their businesses. Imagine querying Q about the latest guidelines for logo usage or deciphering complex code to maintain an application — it effortlessly surfaces the information without the hassle of manual searching.

Let’s explore several instances showcasing how Amazon Q can significantly enhance the efficiency of business users by responding to uncomplicated natural language prompts….

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