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6 Top Nasdaq ETFs For 2024


The Nasdaq Composite has likely made a few millionaires in recent years. While the index was down 33% in 2022, it’s grown between 21% and 43% in every other year since 2019.

Investing in a Nasdaq ETF is a simple way to add some of that growth potential to your own portfolio. If you can withstand its volatility, it offers a gateway to investing in some of the most innovative and groundbreaking companies of our time. Read on to learn more about Nasdaq ETFs, including which ones look promising for 2024 and beyond.

Breaking Down Nasdaq ETFs

Nasdaq exchange-traded funds are investment funds that base their portfolio strategy on a Nasdaq index. Nasdaq indexes are different groupings of stocks that are listed on the Nasdaq exchange.

Understanding Nasdaq ETFs

Understanding Nasdaq ETFs begins with learning about the indexes they replicate. These indexes include the Nasdaq Composite,…

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